janellaslaps: Personally, I don't know why any girl would hate on boys' lax, or why any boy would hate girls' lax. In girls we need more skill, but if we lack strength then we wouldn't be able to make it through the longer field, get back up after illegal picks, or get a shot passed the goalie. In boys' they need more strength, but if they lack skill then they wouldn't be able to juke a player out, outsmart the defense, or correctly aim one of their crazy shots. Both are sports, but different sports.
msftsbound: Yes or No- Girls LAX is skill Boys LAX is strenght... What do you think?

yes to an extent.

boys and girls need both strength and skill though.

Anonymous: I'm a guy and I play lacrosse so that being said....What would you say to people that say women's lax is not a real sport?

i ask myself this all the time, but i guess it’s because we can’t hit…

Anonymous: Describe girls lacrosse in one word! PLEASE, SUPPPPERRRR IMPORTANT!!!



Anonymous: the girl from jon and kate plus 8 plays lacrosse and we saw the whole family at our tournament today.
laxaddict13: Girls lax requires far more skill. In mens, if we get beat we can wail on people with our stick or have a hot slide take them out. In girls lax, if you get beat you better sprint your ass off to get back in front. Girls lax is way harder, requires a lot more of finesse and I respect that. If someone says its a joke because you can't hit, it should be obvious they know nothing of lax.
cetacean-sensation-deactivated2: hey so... personally as a female laxer... I think there's ups and downs to both. I'd rather have a chick stick because I feel more of a challenge to catch and cradle and push myself without harming others but still advancing our team to the goal.. But I also envy guys who can just check in ways that make sense and be more physical. So I think there's pros and cons but at the end of the day it doesn't matter. Lax is lax. and it's awesome.